Isabella Cotier

Illustrator Isabella Cotier comes from a French family, was raised in Florence, and now lives and works in East London. This multicultural background defines her charming personal artistic space. Moodboards, postcards from her travels, catalogue images collected from the National Gallery or the Wallace Collection, cut outs from favourite art magazines, and Florentine characters all serve as sources of inspiration for her work.

As a modern day flâneur, a French term loosely meaning curious streetwalker, she observes people and draws them in her sketchbook. Wonderfully talented and brimming with humour, she depicts the often-overlooked combination of human loneliness and tenderness in urban settings, often adding colour to reinforce a positive state of mind. Her client list includes collaborations with The New York Times, Vogue, and Liberty.


Isabella Cotier’s clean-cut design, with alluring red, blue and white colour points, are playful “Dancing Devils” enjoying the night at what could be a beach rave in nearby Ibiza or faraway Goa.

  • Swim Shorts Multi Dancing Devils
    Swim Shorts Multi Dancing Devils

    Isabella Cotier


  • Shirt Multi Dancing Devils -  shirt-multi-dancing-devils-x-isabella-cotier -Arrels Barcelona
    Shirt Multi Dancing Devils

    Isabella Cotier


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