Myasia Dowdell

Myasia Dowdell was born in 1989 in Staten Island, NYC. A precocious talent, she began drawing at age 3, portraying her innate optimism through her art. Myasia now creates portraits of her favourite celebrities and cartoonish representations of imaginary creatures. In 2011 she joined the LAND Gallery program for adult artists with developmental disabilities.

Her artwork is widely collected. Many of her portraits are a part of Spike Lee’s private collection, are exhibited as part of the Ace Hotels Artists in Residence Program, and are included in art collections for the US government.

In 2018, Myasia received the Wynn Newhouse Award, which provides grants to artists of excellence with disabilities.


How befitting that Myasia Dowdell’s “Childhood Memories” design is set against a white background. The white of innocence and purity. Of happy thoughts and no double entendres. There are merry-coloured cockatoos atop a floating bundle of wild, red and white mushrooms, with beautiful purple butterflies flying around.

  • Cap Coral Yes Okay -  cap-coral-yes-okay -Arrels Barcelona
    Cap Coral Yes Okay


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    Shirt White Childhood Memories

    Malika Favre


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