Razcal Life

Razcal Life is a Latin American artist who works and lives in the US. He is based in the state of Virginia and he works with all the disciplines Arrels Barcelona loves: fine-arts, design, fashion, and music. Designer brand Luar, Vogue Runway, and songwriter Lunchmoney Lewis are among his many clients. In his fine arts practice, Razcal Life prefers to work in print and mixed media, searching for accessible resources and oftentimes creating something out of nothing, just like an alchemist would. His “Garden” design transports us to those beautiful summer days when we pause our hectic lives and finally have time to smell the flowers.


This artist likes to search for accessible resources to make artworks, oftentimes creating something out of “nothing,” just like an alchemist would.

  • Swim Shorts Navy Gardens -  swim-shorts-navy-gardens-x-razcal-life -Arrels Barcelona
    Swim Shorts Navy Gardens

    Razcal Life

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  • Shirt Navy Gardens -  shirt-navy-gardens-x-razcal-life -Arrels Barcelona
    Shirt Navy Gardens

    Razcal Life

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